The priest (Kasheesho) is the seventh rank and is the one duly appointed to administer the sacraments. In the Syrian Orthodox traditions, deacons may marry before ordained as priests; they cannot marry after ordained as priests. There is an honorary rank among the priests that are Cor-Episcopos who has the privileges of "first among the priests”. Cor-Episcopos is the highest rank a married man can be elevated to in the Syriac Orthodox Church. The ranks above the Corepiscopos are unmarried.
In the Syriac Orthodox tradition, different ranks among the deacons are specifically assigned with particular duties. The ranks of the diaconate are: Ulmoyo (Faithful), Mawdyono (Confessor of faith), Mzamrono (Singer), Quroyo or Korooyo (Reader), Afudyaqno (Sub-deacon), Evangeloyo (High deacon), Masamsono (Full deacon). Only a full deacon can take the censer during the Divine Liturgy to assist the priest. In Jacobite Syrian Christian Church, because of the lack of deacons, altar assistants who do not have a rank of deaconhood are allowed to assist the priest.


Rev. Fr. Siby Valayil
Ordination Year: 2002

Rev. Fr. Peter Kuriakose
Ordination Year: 2008

Rev. Fr. George Parakkattil
Ordination Year: 2013

Rev. Fr. Maju Mani
Ordination Year: 2015

Rev. Fr. Philiph Thomas
Ordination Year: 2015

Rev. Fr. Sibin Baby
Ordination Year: 2015

Rev. Fr. Nidhin Kuriakose
Ordination Year: 2018

Rev. Fr. Eldho M C
Ordination Year: 2020